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This Is Puerto Rico – Exploring the people and issues of Puerto Rico

This Is Puerto Rico

Exploring the people and issues of Puerto Rico

Video: Almost two years later, devastation from Hurricane Maria lingers

From abandoned dwellings to a destroyed nursing home, people in Puerto Rico share how they are still struggling to recover after the devastating storm.

Hurricane Maria strengthened surf community of Rincón, Puerto Rico

The devastating storm brought a small town together, and the impact is still going strong.

Children heal from hurricane trauma through music therapy workshops

Students suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder learn to move forward in Puerto Rico.

We asked people in Puerto Rico what they would say to President Trump

“You have to live what people live here to see and experience what it feels to be invisible.”

Migrants rebuild their lives in Puerto Rico despite challenges

The island’s population is comprised of diverse migrant communities.

Coffee initiative launched to help farms after Hurricane Maria, but some say it’s not enough

A local coffee farmer pours her heart into reviving the industry.

Reflection: Hope in the eye of the storm

When we got news of Hurricane Maria, I have to admit that I did not take the news seriously. I believed it to be just another hurricane, where we would be a few days without electricity and maybe without school, and that would be that. But it wasn’t. In fact, it was far from it.

Artisanal tobacco industry shows sparks of potential in Puerto Rico

Small-scale farmers are growing and harvesting tobacco, and artisans are making cigars. Some people do both.

Reflection: ‘We are much more than Maria,’ locals say

What made my trip so interesting was all of the people I had the chance to talk with.

Reflection: I want to forget, but never will

I prayed to my guardian angel: “I know we haven’t spoken in a while, but if you are here with me, help me out.”

Get a taste of one reporter’s food diary in Puerto Rico

I kept a journal of all the food I enjoyed while in Puerto Rico. While certainly not every meal is included here (a few trips to McDonald’s and KFC are excluded, along with many home-cooked meals), I wanted to highlight my favorites.

Chefs continue to serve up relief in Puerto Rican communities

Local chef says its important to learn from what happened in the community during Hurricane Maria, and focus on a new strategy for food distribution.

A doorway into Puerto Rico

Take a journey through the streets of Puerto Rico for a look at entryways, old and new.

Take a look at Puerto Rico stories through our social media feeds

USC Annenberg students spoke to community members, business owners, food truck vendors, migrants, surfers, and so many more people living in Puerto Rico. Here’s a look at how the team covered stories in real time.

Photo Gallery: People and places of Puerto Rico

A glimpse into the lives of community members of Puerto Rico.

Artisans still struggling two years after Hurricane Maria

Experts say artisans were among the most affected by Hurricane Maria and many did not qualify for aid.

Reflection: The people of Puerto Rico shaped my experience on the island

Puerto Ricans are friendly, giving, and intelligent. It was an honor and a pleasure to speak with the people I did.

Photo essay: Street art and coffee shops add beautiful color to Avenida Juan Ponce de León

Santurce reminded me of Los Angeles’ Downtown Artist District. I saw murals, coffee shops, children helping their mothers with grocery bags, a free bookstand on the sidewalk and many abandoned buildings.

Solar energy hopes to surge because of new incentives in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s future shines a bit brighter two years after Hurricane Maria as several new initiatives plan to shift it into a completely solar energy-run island by the year 2050.

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s ‘Hamilton’ funds give Puerto Rico’s art organizations hope

Two arts organizations are using foundation funding to flourish.

Reggae artist from Texas finds harmony in Puerto Rico

Locating the reggae scene was easy because the music is popular on the island, artist says.

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